Three local fire crews were called to a flat fire in Dorchester and provided oxygen to a cat using a specialised animal oxygen mask provided by SmokeyPaws.

On 16th October a fire occurred in a first floor flat in Dorchester. Once responders arrived the fire had already been extinguished and the resident outside, however there was still substantial smoke.

Firefighters were alerted to the fact a cat, called Izzy, was missing and were luckily able to find her. Unfortunately, Izzy had been affected by the heavy smoke and required oxygen. The Firefighters were able to provide oxygen using a specialised pet mask, as luckily, they already had the SmokeyPaws kits.

Not all UK fire engines have these lifesaving kits, but it is our mission at SmokeyPaws to change that. Donate and save the lives of pets throughout the UK.

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