In early March 2020, a couple and their dog were rescued from a burning flat in Ayr, Scotland.

The pet had to be carried out on a stretcher and receive lifesaving oxygen from a Smokey Paws oxygen mask. Following the oxygen therapy, the dog was taken to Vets 4 Pets down the road, where it is reportedly “doing well”.

The couple who own the dog were also rescued, given CPR immediately after the fire, and taken to Ayr Hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Four fire engines attended to the blaze after being notified just before 10am. One of the residents broke the kitchen window and escaped, while firefighters were able to rescue his partner. They then rescued the dog and used a stretcher.

Currently the cause of the fire is unknown, but police and fire units stayed on site to assess the situation.

Well done to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for saving human and animal lives in emergency situations.

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We aim to supply a kit to every fire engine in the UK, helping more fire fighters provide crucial immediate care to animals following smoke inhalation.

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