Birmingham Firefighters bravely tackled a shop fire in Highgate on 6th November.

After reaching the scene in only a few minutes, firefighters rescued a 14-year-old girl who was semi-conscious and returned to save two trapped dogs. Although the fire was in the shop, the flat above, where the girl and the dogs were, filled with smoke, putting them all in danger.

One of the dogs had to be resuscitated at the scene, and luckily firefighters had specialised SmokeyPaws oxygen masks for animals on hand to provide lifesaving oxygen. Regular oxygen masks for humans are far less effective for animals, therefore SmokeyPaws kits contain three masks of various sizes to fit all sizes of snouts and ensure the best chance of survival for every animal.

Due to the fast acting of the brave firefighters, all was well, and no lives lost. Without the SmokeyPaws oxygen mask, the ending may not have been so fortunate.

If you would like to help save the lives of animals after fires, donate to SmokeyPaws today. Ensure every fire engine across the UK has a lifesaving kit.

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