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We are a not for profit company working to donate pet oxygen masks to the UK first responders.

You can visit our Donations page and choose the format of your donation.

Yes – visit our donations page and choose ‘Regular Donation’, before selecting your amount.

Our Founders, Lynn and Brian were talking about fire escape plans for our house and the subject of our dog came up. Lynn was familiar with the pet oxygen masks as they are used in the USA, (Lynn is from New York) she mentioned them.  Brian did not feel it was something available in England and Lynn felt he had to be mistaken.  SO… they visited their local station and they were very receptive so we decided to import a set and donate it to their local station in Weston-super-mare.  After the local papers covered the handover, they were contacted by other members of the public who wanted their local brigade to have the masks as well.  So they could not do nothing…and so Smokey Paws was born!

To equip every first responder in the UK with pet oxygen masks.

The human masks are not the correct shape and the animal masks have a conical shape to fit over the snout. The fire service uses the human masks now but they only give the animal about 10-15% of the oxygen, the animal masks give the animal 85-90% oxygen so are much more effective.

They can contact us and we can brainstorm what would work best for them. We have had everything from school walks, to people running marathons…so we are open and happy to support anyone’s efforts.

There are 3551 fire appliances in the UK and we would like to get them on all of them.

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