Young people in Fife raised money to supply the local fire crew with SmokeyPaws kits. The presentation took place at Glenrothes Fire Station after considerable fundraising.

The charity, called Fostering Compassion, supports young people who are looked after and helps them make a connection with animals. Fostering Compassion have teamed up with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to run workshops in memory of local promising veterinary student Meghan, daughter of East Lothian firefighter Kevin.

In these workshops, young people will learn about the role animals play in saving humans, and visa versa. The children will then hear from members of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, telling them about inspiring animal rescues they have been a part of. It is hoped these workshops teach children about fire safety and how to keep both people and animals safe.

The workshops, named “Animal Heroes”, will raise funds for SmokeyPaws kits to be donated to fire stations in Fife, the Lothians, and Borders, all of which are currently without the lifesaving equipment.

If you would like to support our mission of giving every fire engine in the UK SmokeyPaws kits, donate today. All contributions are welcome, no matter how big or small.

Find out more about Fostering Compassion and their fundraising here.