Thanks to the charitable generosity of local Largs resident Julie Laing, the local fire service has an oxygen mask kit for animals.

The kit, from SmokeyPaws, costs £90 and contains three different sized oxygen masks, suited to fit various snouts. Animals need special masks because human masks tend to be too large and therefore animals do not receive enough oxygen.

Animals, unlike humans, are more likely to hide in a house fire instead of fleeing, meaning they inhale dangerous smoke. When equipped with these specialised masks, Firefighters are able to help give affected animals oxygen and help them recover. These masks can be the difference between whether a beloved pet is saved or not.

In November 2015, there was only one Scottish community fire station with one of the special kits. SmokeyPaws hopes to put an animal oxygen kit in every UK fire engine, and they need generous donations, like Julie Laing’s, to help make this happen. If you want to make sure fire services in Scotland and beyond can save animals after fires, donate today.

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