BARTA (British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association) is working with Smokey Paws to provide critical treatment to small animals following emergencies and disasters.

Similar to the process of providing critical care to humans, named Immediate Emergency Care, BARTA has introduced its new initiative, Pre-veterinary Immediate Emergency Care. In accordance with this initiative, BARTA critical care experts provide training to emergency services to create a standardised approach to the care received by animals after emergencies.

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Crucial to the care of animals involved in incidents is the provision of specialised animal oxygen masks, supplied by Smokey Paws. The delivery of oxygen through masks, uniquely adapted to fit a range of animal snouts, can save lives following smoke inhalation. Explore Smokey Paws’ stories page to find out more about our life-saving work.

Through equipping first responders with specific equipment and practised skills, it is hoped crucial help can be given to animals before reaching veterinary care. Simple actions delivered in dynamic circumstances may be a matter of life or death, therefore these guidelines involve a variety of First Aid methods.

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Advice documents on the provision and use of Smokey Paws oxygen masks have been created by BARTA in collaboration with the National Fire Chiefs Council Animal Rescue Practitioners Forum and the RSPCA. The guidance provided by BARTA is supported by the British Association of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (BAVECC).

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BARTA are working closely with the fire and rescue sector following the launch of the National Occupational Guidance, specifically Incidents Involving Animals, in which animal oxygen masks are mentioned.

BARTA is a Community Interest Company, formed with the aim of equipping emergency services with the training and equipment to deal with animal rescue situations. Through partnerships and leading veterinary expertise from the British Veterinary Association, BARTA has established itself as a legitimate and influential player in animal welfare. From partnerships with nationwide councils, such as the National Fire Chiefs Council, to working with smaller organisations sharing aims, BARTA has promoted instrumental initiatives across UK Fire and Rescue Service.

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Support BARTA’s mission in conjunction with Smokey Paws to provide knowledge and training to first responders in the care of animals following emergencies. Help supply provisions to UK Fire Engines and equip them with lifesaving specialised oxygen masks.

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