SmokeyPaws has received a generous donation of £13,577.37 from Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Appeal, an annual campaign since 2016 raising awareness of animal lives lost during service.

The purple poppy is the animal equivalent of the well-known red poppy, worn to show support and condolences for those lost in service, and those who serve us now. Murphy’s Army has been successfully running their Purple Poppy Appeal since 2016, raising both awareness of the significance of purple poppies and substantial funds for chosen causes.

Following the 2019 Purple Poppy Appeal, an amazing £40,732.12 was raised! SmokeyPaws was one of the three lucky recipients of the campaigns’ efforts, receiving a third of the total raised alongside Murphy’s Army and The Horse Trust. The Purple Poppy Appeal is in no way affiliated with the Royal British Legion or it’s Poppy Appeal. All funds were raised through the sale of handmade products including purple poppy pins, specially designed purple poppies for animal collars, merchandise and general donations.

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Murphy’s Army, who ran the Purple Poppy Appeal, is a charity dedicated to reuniting lost or stolen pets with their owners across the UK. After Murphy, a Siberian husky, went missing and was believed stolen, animal lovers from the UK and beyond were committed to Murphy’s return, brought together via social media. Once Murphy was eventually returned to his family, Murphy’s Army was formed and received charity status, giving other animals in Murphy’s position a chance to be reunited with loved ones.

Using dedicated social media pages, supplying posters, and arranging local searches, Murphy’s Army provides an invaluable service to pet owners. Not only do Murphy’s Army track down lost or stolen pets, they promote pet safety measures and raise awareness of ever-increasing pet theft. Their hard work and passion for pet safety will no doubt be furthered by the generous funds raised, helping to promote this treasured cause.

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The Horse Trust (, one of the Purple Poppy Appeal beneficiaries, is the world’s oldest horse charity, operating since 1886. This remarkable charity provides respite and retirement for working horses and ponies from sectors including the Police and Army. The Home of Rest for Horses, run by the charity, also looks after horses, ponies and donkeys who have suffered neglect or cruelty, providing much needed treatment and care. Donations received by the charity are used for feeding the residents, especially during harsh winters following unfruitful summers, as well as for general care and treatment.

We at SmokeyPaws are delighted to have been chosen as a beneficiary among such worthy charities. Our mission is to provide every fire engine in the UK with specially designed oxygen masks for animals requiring treatment following a fire. Oxygen masks for humans are not as effective for animals and can therefore prevent animals from getting lifesaving oxygen. We want to help save every life, human or animal.

Thanks to the substantial donation from the Purple Poppy Appeal, we can now provide even more fire engines with our oxygen mask kits! Each kit costs £90 and contains three different sized masks to fit all sorts of snout, mouth and beak. The £13,577.37 given will provide 150 kits! We simply cannot thank Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Appeal and all its kind-hearted supporters enough.

If you wish to help us fulfil our mission and ensure animals around the UK receive lifesaving oxygen following fires, donate to our gofundme or make monthly donations. Your contribution can save the lives of countless animals.

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