Three Staffordshire bull terriers were rescued from a house following a fire in early September in Burton, Staffordshire.

The house fire was accidentally started by an unattended candle and the owners were not home. Fortunately, each of the three dogs, one of which a puppy, were rescued and treated using SmokeyPaws oxygen masks.

Firefighters arrived at the blaze just after 9pm and bravely tackled the fire using a hose reel jet. The house was unfortunately greatly damaged and will not be habitable for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the firefighters, and the lifesaving oxygen masks, all the dogs are ok.

Oxygen masks for humans are not as effective on animals, therefore our specialised masks, which come in three different sizes, give the maximum amount of oxygen to all sort of snout, mouth, and beak. Donate to SmokeyPaws and help provide all fire engines in the UK with oxygen masks for animals.

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